About Avidia Health

Avidia Health is an HSA marketplace leader, offering a No Fee product that combines services traditionally seen in big-bank financial services with the personal attention provided by smaller financial institutions. Headquartered in Massachusetts, Avidia is an FDIC insured bank with accounts in all 50 states and over one billion dollars in assets and accounts. Avidia offers private label banking and affinity programs, employing a partnership approach to creating HSA solutions with clients’ needs in mind.

Avidia Bank has made a significant commitment to provide outstanding service along with the products that will help our customers invest and save for their future. Health Savings Accounts from Avidia Bank can be the key to protecting yourself and your family. A Health Savings Account from Avidia Bank is easy to open and easy to manage. And with Internet Banking and Bill Pay, our customers are in total and secure control at all times.

The Avidia




The ability to offer a qualified High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP) is extremely valuable. With healthcare costs on the rise, many companies struggle to maintain health coverage for their employees. HSA-compatible health plans provide employer affordability without sacrificing quality employee coverage. With Avidia Health, the account holder is equipped with a quality health plan, partnered with an HSA that offers no administrative fees.