At Avidia Health, we believe that helping you prepare for the rising cost of health care is key to helping you develop an effective, comprehensive long-term financial plan. The Avidia Health Savings Account provides the means to save and pay for qualified medical expenses that are incurred after you are actively enrolled in a qualified high deductible health plan (HDHP). Plus, an HSA gives you freedom and control.

Member Advantages

Why Open an HSA?

Flexible Options

  • Even if your HSA-compatible coverage ends, you can still use your HSA funds tax-free for eligible medical expenses. See IRS Publication 502.
  • Contributions can come from employers, accountholders or third parties.
  • See and manage every aspect of your HSA, in one place, with access to real-time tracking of your medical claims, online medical bill payments and automatic reimbursements through eClaims Manager.**
  • There is no "use it or lose it" philosophy. If you don’t use it, save it for next year. Or better yet, for retirement.
  • You can fund your HSA with an existing HSA, MSA, HRA or IRA.
  • You’re in control. You choose when to use your HSA or pay out-of-pocket.
  • After age 65, HSA funds can be used for non-qualified expenses and only income tax is assessed.

Investment Options*

  • We offer an easy, flexible, high-yield investment option.
  • Call us for complete details at 1-855-472-9399.

Tax Advantages

  • HSA contributions are tax-free or tax-deductible.
  • Withdrawals are tax-free when used to pay for qualified medical expenses.
  • Earnings grow tax-deferred.
  • Long-term investment opportunities
  • Choose from a wide variety of stocks, bonds and mutual funds.

*Are not insured by the FDIC
*Are not deposits or other obligations of Avidia Bank and are not guaranteed by Avidia Bank
*Are subject to investment risks, including possible loss of principal invested
**Avidia Health HSA holders must register in order to use the free eClaims Manager service. While most major insurances are integrated to the eClaims Manager, not all insurances may be available for this product at this time. It is recommended to check the list of insurance providers prior to signing up for these services. If you do not see your carrier, please check back at a later time as the list is continually being updated.

Eligibility Requirements

  • You must participate in a QHDHP. The HSA is “owned” by you.
  • You decide how much to contribute based on your out-of-pocket expenses.
  • Contributions from you and your employer combined may not exceed the IRS maximum contribution.
  • Claim substantiation is maintained by you.
  • Eligible claims may be reimbursed at the point of purchase or at a later date as determined by you.
  • Both you and your employer may contribute to an employee’s HSA; over 50 percent of employers contribute to employee HSAs.
  • Your employer contributions may be made in one lump sum at the beginning of the plan year or pro-rated throughout the year. HSA funds are not available to you until they are in your account.
  • HSA funds may be used for you, your spouse and your dependent children.

Eligible Medical Expenses

An eligible medical expense is an expense that pays for healthcare services, equipment or medication as described in IRS Publication 502.

In general, your HSA can be used for:

  • Expenses applied to your health plan deductible
  • Dental care services
  • Vision care services
  • Prescription services
  • Over-the-counter medication prescribed by your doctor (After 2011, HSAs may no longer be used for over-the-counter drugs, unless they are prescribed by your doctor).
  • Certain medical equipment


  • Funds used to pay for qualified medical expenses are always tax-free, regardless of age or HSA-compatible health plan coverage.
  • Prior to age 65, funds used to pay for non-eligible medical expenses are subject to normal income tax and a 10% penalty. After age 65, HSA funds may be withdrawn for non-eligible expenses with no penalty (regular income tax will apply).
  • HSA funds can be used to reimburse yourself for past medical expenses if the expense was incurred after your HSA was established.
  • If you have questions regarding the eligibility of medical expenses, always consult a qualified tax advisor or the IRS.

Insurance Exceptions

Insurance premiums are not considered eligible medical expenses. However, these are the exception:

  • Premiums for continuation coverage under COBRA or ERISA for the accountholder, spouse or dependents.
  • Qualified long-term care insurance contract.
  • A health plan maintained while the accountholder, spouse or dependent is receiving unemployment compensation under any Federal or State Law.
  • Premiums for those over the age of 65, including Medicare or retirement health benefits provided by a former employer.


Avidia Bank makes enrolling for an HSA easy and affordable with no set up fees. If enrolling through your employer, your employer will provide the necessary instructions to enroll.

To apply as an individual, please choose from one of the following three options:

  • To make it more convenient for you to open your HSA, Avidia Bank offers you an onlne enrollment feature. Just click the button below to get started.

Contributions & Withdrawals

At Avidia Bank we make it easy and convenient to manage your HSA. We offer a variety of ways to contribute to your HSA account.

In addition to making contributions during the current tax year, you have until April 15th of the following year to make a prior year contribution. If you are making a prior year contribution you must make a designation. For more information please contact us at 1-855-472-9399 or by e-mail at

Online Contribution

Contributions can be made to your HSA using Internet Banking. Once you’ve signed up for Internet banking, simply select the transfer funds option, where you can choose the type of transfer (one time transfer, schedule transfer, external transfer, recurring external transfer, and a schedule external transfer). By using this feature you can always be sure your HSA is funded.

Payroll Deductions

Contributions to your HSA can be made through an employer-sponsored health plan if you employer has set up a Section 125 Cafeteria Plan. With a Cafeteria Plan, your employer takes your HSA contributions out of each paycheck on a pre-tax basis, which decreases your taxable income. For more information on this option, please contact your employer.

Personal Check or Money Order

Contribute funds to your HSA by sending us a check or money order payable to Avidia Bank. To ensure accuracy please complete a Contribution Form and mail to Avidia Bank, PO Box 370, Hudson MA 01749.

Transfer / Rollover

To make a transfer or rollover from an existing HSA or MSA , complete the HSA Eligibility Form and the Health Savings Account Transfer Request or Rollover Certification Form. Submit the forms to Avidia Bank, PO Box 370, Hudson MA 01749.

A one-time transfer can also be made from an IRA; however they are subject to the annual maximum contribution limit. To make a transfer from an existing IRA, complete the IRA Transfer Form and submit to Avidia bank, PO Box 370, Hudson, MA 01749.

Before initiating a transfer or rollover, please consult a qualified tax advisor to understand conditions or risks that may apply.

How to Make a Withdrawal

Avidia Bank makes it easy and convenient to access your HSA account to pay your eligible medical expenses.

Debit Cards

You can use an Avidia Bank HSA debit card to pay for all your Eligible Medical Expenses. You can also use your HSA debit card at ATMs to reimburse yourself for eligible expenses paid out-of-pocket.

HSA Checks

Avidia Bank HSA checks are also a convenient way to pay for Eligible Medical Expenses. You can also use them to reimburse yourself for medical expenses paid out-of-pocket.

Internet & Mobile Access

If you have enrolled for Internet and/or Mobile Banking with the bill payment feature, you can use either access channel to conveniently pay Eligible Medical Expenses. You can also make internal or external transfers to reimburse yourself for medical expenses paid out-of-pocket.

Manual Withdrawal

A Manual Withdrawal Form is ideal for large medical expenses or to reimburse yourself for medical expenses paid out-of-pocket. To make a manual withdrawal, complete the withdrawal form and mail to Avidia Bank, PO Box 370, Hudson MA 01749.

Debit Cards & Checks

Debit Card Order Information

Receive up to two free debit cards when you open your HSA. One can be issued to you and the other to your authorized signer. If you enroll online you will receive an HSA debit card for the account’s primary owner. In the event you have enrolled online and would like to add an authorized signer and provide them with a HSA debit card, please complete the Account Information Change Form. If you open your HSA by submitting the Individual/Employee Enrollment Form, this information can be indicated while completing the form.

Renew Your Debit Card

Debit cards automatically renew every three years. If your card is not reissued, it is likely due to incorrect address information, inactivation of the previous card, or concerns regarding fraudulent or misuse of the card. If you do not receive your HSA card, please contact us at 1-855-472-9399 or by email at

Revoke or Provide an Authorized Signer's Debit Card

If you would like to revoke or provide HSA debit card access to an authorized signer, please complete the Account Information Change Form.

Cancel Your Debit Card

If your card was lost or stolen, contact us at 1-855-472-9399 or send us an e-mail at

Check Order Information

Log in to Internet Banking and order checks online. If you do not have Internet access to your HSA, then call us at 1-855-472-9399 or by e-mail at and we will provide assistance.

Making Changes to Your Account

While owning your HSA, you are likely to experience life changes that may impact your account. Avidia Bank realizes this can be an inconvenience for many. However, our commitment to personal customer service will help to make changes an easy process. For example, while owning an HSA you may want to perform the following:

  • Add or remove an authorized signer or beneficiary
  • Change your name, address or telephone number
  • Order a new HSA debit card or checks for an authorized signer

Updating your account information is quick and easy. Simply download the Account Information Change Form, complete and return to HSA Bank. You also may contact the bank and we will be glad to provide you with the necessary forms. All the forms you need to change your address, add/remove an authorized signer or update your account beneficiary are available online. While completing the forms please do not hesitate to contact us at 1-855-472-9399 or by email at

Authorized Signer Form

Use the Authorized Signer Form to add an authorized signer. An authorized signer is able to withdraw funds and receive details on your account.

Designation of Beneficiaries Form

Use the Designation of Beneficiaries Form to add or remove a beneficiary from your Health Savings Account.

Account Information Change Form

Use the Account Information Change Form to perform the following activities:

  • Change the personal information of the owner or authorized signer
  • Add or remove an authorized signer
  • Order debit cards and or checks reflecting the aforementioned changes
  • Designate a beneficiary

Filing Your Taxes

Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) provide great tax benefits on contributions, distributions, and earnings. Avidia Bank will provide you with the tax forms and instructions for your HSA-related tax filing. Each year you will receive a Year-End Summary, IRS form 1099-SA and IRS for 5498-SA.

  • The Year-End Summary shows the total amount of contributions and distributions for the calendar year. This summary is provided for your records and it is not an official tax document.
  • IRS Form 1099-SA provides you with the distributions made from your HSA. The distribution types are: normal, excess contributions, removal of excess contribution, death, disability and prohibited transaction. This information is used to complete IRS Form 8889. Though you will be receiving this form from us, it is important that you keep track of your Eligible Medical Expenses.
  • IRS Form 5498-SA provides you with all the contributions made to your HSA in that tax year. You will use this information to complete IRS Form 8889. Although we will be providing this form, it is important that you keep track of your contributions and avoid exceeding the contribution limits.
  • Instructions regarding your 1099-SA and 5498-SA are provided by the IRS and may be helpful when completing your federal income taxes.
  • IRS Form 8889 is used to report HSA contributions, distributions and your tax deductions when filing your federal income tax return. You will use the 1099-SA and 5498-SA provided by Avidia Bank to complete this form. Instructions regarding the completion of the 8889 are provided by the IRS.
  • IRS Form 8853 is used to file Medical Savings Account (MSA) contributions and distributions if you currently have an MSA or have transferred your MSA to an HSA. Instructions regarding the completion of the 8853 are provided by the IRS.

If you have any tax related questions, please refer to your tax professional or refer to the links provided above.

Important Note: When you receive your tax forms, 1099-SA and or the 5498-SA, if you have any questions regarding the information on the form or you feel it is incorrect, please contact us immediately by calling 1-855-472-9399 or send an email to Once notified, we will work with you to resolve any differences and if necessary file an amended 1099-SA or 5498-SA on your behalf.